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Issue: multiple instances of IEXPLORE.EXE are found

  • Internet Explorer (both versions 6 and 7) will allow multiple instances of itself to run at one time in the same user's process space
    • In the case of Internet Explorer 6, it can have multiple Taskbar windows open, each of which is running in a separate thread in the same process
      • However, no matter whether there are multiple IE6 processes, or multiple windows hosted by one process, IE6 has no native "caching" feature, nor any way to expose to an application like CacheMyWork the number or URLs of any web pages that the process currently has open and displayed to the user.
      • Thus, there's really no point in caching more than one instance of IE6, since there's no way for CacheMyWork to instruct IE6 which web page(s) to re-open.
      • Also, there's limited benefit in caching any one Web page along with the IE6 process (e.g. by saving the web page URL as a command-line parameter with the cached IE6 command line), since it would be very complex to implement logic for the user to select which of the multiple web pages that were currently open they'd like to save.
    • In the case of Internet Explorer 7, it can have multiple Tabs open in a single process, each of which hosts a single web page, and can have multiple processes running, each of which can host one or more Tabs
      • IE7 can be configured so that if the process closes or crashes, it will "remember" all the Tabs that were left open at the time, and re-open those same Tabs the next time IE7 starts up
      • However, when two or more IE7 processes close or crash, only the set of Tabs from the last one to close/crash will be saved, so that any Tabs open in the other IE7 processes are effectively "lost". (This implies that IE7 keeps one and only one set of "state" for the open Tabs, and that at each crash/shutdown, the next "cached state" overwrites the previously "cached state".)
      • Thus, there's again really no point in caching more than one instance of IE7, since there's no automatic way that IE7 will cache the multiple sets of "open Tabs" for the multiple instances of IE7 that may be running at the same time.

Recommendation: Use Maxthon or Avant browser

  • If you are truly interested in being able to (a) use the Internet Explorer engine (e.g. your organization only supports IE, or one of the web sites you must visit only supports IE) and (b) automatically saving and re-opening a set of web pages that are open in your browser, then I strongly recommend you investigate the use of one of the following IE "enhancements":

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