does it really work?

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Oct 5, 2007 at 7:55 PM
your utility is exactly what i would need but so far i had no success with it - first i tried it on my XP home system - it remembered the apps running but only 1 doc that was open in notepad - not the second one
for excel it only remembered the the APP and no open XLS at all.

since there is no help i assume i have to run the program when i want to take a snapshot and then click SAVE - that's it
do i miss something?
i was about to write my own utility by using the XP command OPENFILES but this also is very moody.
i clearly like your approach but how can i make it work
where do i download the latest release? i use 1.1 but do not see how to download 1.2 or even 1.3

thanks in advance

Oct 8, 2007 at 6:30 PM
Hi Erhard, thanks for your feedback!

I apologize about v1.2 - I somehow missed uploading the installer last week, so I've just uploaded it this morning (look here). I hope that it works for you.

I'm sorry your experience hasn't been what you'd hoped for - as you've discovered, my ambitions have exceeded what I've been able to accomplish so far:
  • Currently, the CacheMyWork application is only able to save the Command Lines for your applications
  • It's not able to save the open documents for most applications (except where those applications happen to store the document name and path on the process's command line, such as what you've seen with Notepad)
  • Further, the algorithm at present is only able to cache the first instance of each application that it finds. That is, if there are two or more of any one application running at once (e.g. when Notepad it launched twice), CacheMyWork isn't currently able to remember the second instance of that application.

I've started to document CacheMyWork here. Please let me know what kinds of questions you'd like this to answer, and I'll be sure to add that to the page.

You understand the application correctly - just run it, check whichever applications you want to re-launch, and click the Save button. I have enabled one setting under Tools > Options as well (documented here).

I'm hoping to add more functionality to this soon - and I'd appreciate any additional feedback or help in prioritizing what I'll work on next. Please have a look at the Issue Tracker page and Vote on any features or bugs that you'd like me to address, and add any other issues or features you'd like to see me work on.

In the meantime, I've got one workaround that you might find useful. I've personally been using Notepad++, a free open-source application that does everything I get out of Notepad and a lot more. I find it incredibly handy to use to view and edit text files, but also a large number of "richly formatted" document types as well - e.g. XML, source code, HTML, CSS, SQL, even obscure stuff like Verilog!. And the best part is - any documents that are still open when you close Notepad++ will be automatically re-opened the next time you launch it. I highly recommend it, even if (a) it makes CacheMyWork a little less necessary, and (b) I don't have anything to do with the Notepad++ project.

I hope this helps,
Oct 9, 2007 at 4:07 AM
Thanks Mike for your reply and answers

again your program is a step in the right direction just not there yet -
have you looked at OPENFILES command (XP pro only) - you would think it should work but again also this one has problems

thanks for the tip with notepad++
my problem is that i work a lot with MS office files and there i really need the function to reload after reboot.
it is beyond my comprehension that MS does not offer anything like that

Oct 9, 2007 at 4:09 PM
I understand, and I have the same problem - I'm a heavy Office user and would love to have my Office documents re-open automatically as well.

There is one really cheesy workaround that I sometimes use to remember which docs I have open, especially if I have more than one open in Word or Excel:
  • First I'll cache the apps with CacheMyWork
  • Next I'll make sure I've Saved any of the open docs in the Office programs I'm using
  • Then, before rebooting, I'll use Task Manager or Process Explorer to kill (aka "End Process") the program instead of cleanly exiting
  • That way, when I start the program next time, the Recovery feature will show me a sidebar of all the docs that were last open when the app "crashed", and give me an opportunity to re-open them

I'm not saying this is as good as giving CacheMyWork the ability to have these docs re-open automatically, and I'm not saying this is a really good habit to get into, but in my experience, I've rarely had any data loss this way, and it is a pretty easy workaround to the problem. However, I'm not intending to use this as the implementation of re-opened documents for CacheMyWork.

While I work on implementing that feature, if this one helps you get what you need, great. If not, hopefully no harm done.